TCO reduction

The telematics that supports the goal

The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) reduction of the company fleet is the main target for every Fleet Manager, therefore they must have the appropriate tools in order to start constant control activities.

In this context, the telematics on board a vehicle plays an essential role and the TEXA TMD devices represent an excellent solution for monitoring the fleet’s TCO constantly and implementing a short, medium and long term rationalisation plan.

Today it is clear that accessory management elements are more relevant for optimising the fleet TCO, rather than the value of the vehicle in the fleet itself.

This is why having a system and a telematic platform able to “control” in a punctual and monitored way every aspect of the working life of the vehicles, guarantees analysis capability and therefore much better results compared to the past.

Checking and monitoring the fleet systematically and automatically improves its efficiency and especially avoids dispersions of energy and costs, unthinkable before.

Therefore, it is essential to be able to optimise every single choice related to the management of the company fleet, with particular attention to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities that have always been the most important variable when calculating the TCO.

The TEXA TMD solutions allow:

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