Consumptions and driving styles

Better the style, less the consumptions

The vehicle’s fuel consumption and driving style are two factors that closely interrelated; monitoring them is essential in order to optimise the costs related to the fuel and wear of the vehicles, and the latter plays a core role for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities…

The TEXA TMD solutions allow verifying the consumptions, detecting and analysing the driving styles, offering the possibility to carry out corrective actions to increase the quality of use of the vehicles, such as setting an award and incentive system addressed to the best drivers.

It measures the quality of the driving style and optimises the consumptions of the vehicles:

Compare, by fleet or vehicle by vehicle:

The theoretical consumptions (data provided by the manufacturer) and the actual consumptions

The theoretical CO2 emissions (data provided by the manufacturer) with the actual emissions

Check, by fleet or vehicle by vehicle:

Speed limit exceedance

The trips at a non-constant speed

The frequency/amount of stops with the engine running

Frequency/amount of short trips with the engine cold

This allows the following benefits:

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