OBD diagnosis

Remote diagnosis for the vehicles in your company fleet

The remote diagnosis available for Fleet Managers

The TEXA acronym TMD has always identified and distinguished the large added value of the TEXA telematic solutions.

TMD, TelematicsMobileDiagnostics, contains the primary concept of what TEXA offers: Remote vehicle diagnosis available for the end user.

TEXA worked so that in the automotive industry there would finally be services for vehicles of the future, in a context that is increasingly connected and at the same time hectic.

The TEXA remote diagnostics was born from solid company roots, drawn from a know-how that was developed in over 30 years of experience in the world of garage equipment.

The diagnostic coverage is particularly deep and details, offering user data such as:


Numeric values that describe the physical quantity.
Example: engine oil temperature in °C, fuel level in %, etc.


They indicate the operating status of the main mechanic/electronic components.
Example: warning light on/off, brake pad wear yes/no, MIL on/off, use of seat belts YES/NO

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC):

Verification of the errors detected by the control unit while the vehicle is running.
The control unit files these errors in a permanent memory; these errors can be read by the electric diagnostic device.

The TEXA database is constantly and punctually updated whenever new vehicles are released on the market.

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