Electric mobility (EV)

Management of electric vehicle fleets

Thanks to the great experience in the automotive world and benefitting from the synergies with global businesses of the TEXA group, such as the Business Unit dedicated to E-Powertrain, the TEXA Telematics Mobile Diagnostic technology has always paid particular attention to the electric mobility industry.

In this field, the technical solution by TEXA has its solid foundations on the incredible and detailed proprietary diagnostic database providing the customer with important information such as:

Traction battery charge level
Traction battery efficiency status
Average energy consumption per trip
Power management system fault or DTC detection

Thanks to the information mentioned above, you can develop different services dedicated to the Customer, such as the analysis of the driving style and of the costs of use, other than the management of specific maintenances and the generation of a specific Business Intelligence on the impact of the use of each vehicle on the general fleet.

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