SOS & Crash e-Call

e-Call for SOS and support in case of an accident

For the safety of the drivers, immediate support is essential in case of accidents or spontaneous requests for support due to sudden illness (SOS).

In case of an accident, the automatic detection of the event carried out by the TEXA TMD telematic devices and related transmission of the information to the Fleet Manager, are surely important, however them alone do not guarantee a punctual and efficient intervention to support the driver, as well as in case of an SOS request.

The TEXA TMD telematic devices favour the collection and transmission of the information, other than offering almost immediate contact with the driver (through a specific Hands-free device aimed checking the subsistence of the event and the type of support needed.

In fact, thanks to the integration of the TMD devices with the evolved Safety services, crash and SOS request events are addressed using a priority channel towards a 24/7 Operations Centre that manages them in real time, having the possibility to send the Police forces/First Responders where the vehicle is located.

The service can also be configured to request road assistance in case of vehicle breakdown.

The TEXA TMD devices communicate with a 24/7 Operation Centre, to support the driver, that:

Receives alarms related to accidents and/or voluntary SOS requests

Activates the Police forces or First Responders and has them reach the exact area in which the vehicle is

This allows the following benefits:

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