Fleet Management

The TEXA Telematics Mobile Diagnostic technology supports you at 360° in the Fleet Management activities allowing you to manage fleets of vehicles, light commercial vehicles, heavy duty vehicles, implements and locomotives, easily and efficiently.

The TMD devices, other than the geolocation data and related information that can derive from it, allow you to always have a detailed real-time diagnosis available of each vehicle included in the fleet, in addition to specific accessory functions such as the authentication of the driver on board the vehicle, crash detection and reconstruction of the dynamics of the accident, etc.

This translates into an increased management efficiency along with the containment of costs and environmental impact, as well as driver safety and, in certain circumstances, work organisation.

The data is always available and can be used in different ways depending on the needs:

TEXA TMD web applications

Third party applications

Scheduled reports

C2C data flow

The TEXA TMD modular technology contributes, in an effective and efficient way, to the management and economic optimisation of the fleet, to the measurement of ethical and eco-friendly behaviours of the travelling personnel as well as increased on-board safety for the driver and the passengers.


Another important goal for TEXA telematics is represented by the benefits and the return on the investment in both the short and long term.

In particular, the TEXA devices help generate a series of savings, such as:

Fleet efficiency in terms of consumptions and mechanical/electronic operation

Prevention of vehicle faults and consequent reduction of fleet maintenance costs

Reduction of fuel consumption

Reduction of the risks of accidents and consequently of the costs tied to the person and to the vehicle

Reduction of the time and resources needed to manage the fleet

Asset protection

Exact crash traceability


The TEXA devices allow increasing vehicle and driver protection, preventing risks and injuries by monitoring a series of information such as:


The TEXA system allows monitoring the “state of health” of the vehicles and keeping the fleet efficient through proactive maintenance with the consequent reduction of the costs related to faults and repairs.

Furthermore, the observation and correction of not very virtuous behaviours generates a consequent containment of the consumptions and polluting emissions.

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