The business unit dedicated to the world of telematics for fleets has been completely redesigned and, taking advantage of TEXA’s thirty years of experience in the world of multi-brand diagnosis, aspires to become an actual “Diagnostic Service Provider” for small and large mobility operators.

A new era is starting for TMD (Telematics Mobile Diagnostic), the TEXA business unit dedicated to telematics for the remote management of company fleets. A new era that lays the foundations on the thirty-year leadership in the garage equipment field and completely takes advantage of the infinite potentials of multi-brand diagnosis, the authentic company flagship and distinctive element. A true skin change to best face the evolution of the world of telematics and of the markets that will be possible benefitting from the infinite opportunities Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can guarantee today to integrate the diagnostic platform that TEXA has implemented all these years. We are talking about millions of diagnostic data that for the first time will be completely at the service of telematics.

Through this historic turning-point, from being an important “telematics service provider” will become the first and only “Diagnostic Service Provider” providing the enormous amount of big data it has to the world of fleet management, car sharing and insurances, and also to the other organisations in the industry that do have no or partial diagnostic know-how. For the first time the TMD systems will be able to integrate any other telematic platform.

The business model will also change from another point of view, as TMD will become a “Super Provide” capable of communicating and offering advanced services to the so-called “Mass Mobility Provider”, the largest operators in the world of mobility.

The starting point for this major change is already very solid. In fact, TMD currently manages over 450,000 telematic connections in Europe that mainly involve vehicles belonging to large long term rental groups and company fleets, such as, only to mention a few, Arval, ALD Automotive, Italian postal service, ENEL (Italian national electricity board), Eismann.

Up to today, the TMD turnover was distributed between public and private bids, corporate fleets and large rental companies. The new strategy involves a determined diversification of the channels and sales markets that include, as mentioned, the Mass Mobility Providers, but also small and medium rental companies, insurance brokerage and financial companies, Car Dealer Groups, Construction vehicle operators, Car Manufacturers and the companies operating on the field of working equipment that can count on TEXA tools certified Industry 4.0.

The business strategy changes, the markets change and even the internal organisation changes. TEXA has decided to renew the TMD division by investing a lot on personnel and technologies also. To do so, it appointed a new Director, Roberto Moneda, expert manager from Milan with a long experience in automotive and telematic companies (Cobra, Vodafone, Targa Telematics to mention some) and enhanced the sales team thanks to focused hiring.

Moreover, new internal Research and Development projects have been activated to further enrich and optimise the hardware and software components in the TMD products, aiming at the creation of small-sized and easy to install advanced solutions. The main purpose of all this, as already stated, is to regain the value of diagnostics as the differentiating paradigm in the telematic provider scene, rewriting the rules for mobility in the future.


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